“The reason we use Save-A-Load bars is because you only have to buy them once. If something breaks, I buy repair parts and fix them. They last forever”

John S

Maintenance Supervisor, Coca Cola

“Delivering our Snack Foods in a 53′ trailer each day requires equipment that will secure the product and prevent breakage. Our Save-A-Load bars, hoops and locking bar holders have done just that. The overall quality of the product is excellent. The Customer Service Department is very professional and helpful. The price of their product is well within our budget. I highly recommend Save-A-Load and will continue to use them for our business operation.”

Dana R.

Frito Lay

” I received my Save-A-Load bar a couple of weeks ago and wanted to tell you how great it works. I haul a product that falls very easily. Your load locks nearly eliminated all spillage.”


Owner Operator, Free Spirit Transport

” Save-A-Load makes a superior load bar. It doesn’t break, works in all weather conditions and withstands being moved all day by the drivers. It is great! I have also found that Save-A-Load has an excellent sales/customer service staff. They are very knowledgeable and do a good job in expediting our orders so we get them when we need them. Even more important than all of the above is the fact that they stand behind their product. I highly recommend it!”

Tom C

Transportation Supervisor, Sysco

“The load bars are first class. We have pretty much 2 in each lorry. One in the chill at +3 degrees c. The other in the frozen compartment at -18 degrees c. I’ve no problem at all with the quality they gave no doubt save many loads for me. My problem is accounting for them daily. Drivers being drivers seem to leave them behind at times! I’m very happy and happy to be quoted on anything I say or as a reference in Ireland. I have 55 trucks all over Ireland daily.”

Maurice Devenney

Head of Operations, Lynas Food Service

“If you’re in the trucking business and you have not heard of Save-A-Load cargo bars then you’re paying freight claims.”

Brad Kreidler

Owner Operator