World's Best Cargo Bar

The Heavy Duty “IQ 200 “

blackbar-ladyintrailer -The ONLY hydraulic load bar
-8.8 pounds. The lightest ever
-Hydraulic tested over 30,000 users
-Will not freeze up
-Safe and easy to use

It’s as easy as 1…2…3…

1. Adjust to desired length.
The Heavy Duty IQ 200 extends from 84″ to 114″ and can be used vertically or horizontally.

2. Pump Handle to Secure
The Heavy Duty IQ 200 internal spring and pressure limiting valve provides incredible holding power in any trailer.

3. Push Button to Release
The Heavy Duty IQ 200 is simply and safely released.


Heavy Duty Coil Spring

-Keeps Save-A-Load® Bars in place

-Compensates for flexing of trailer walls

-Maintain a constant contact with trailer walls even under the worst road conditions

-Compensates for expansion and contraction due
to temperature variations

-The coil spring and articulating foot allowed the Save-A-Load® bars to remain in place while preventing them from punching through the walls even when this trailer rolled over

Articulating Foot Design

-Keeps full pad surface in contact with container walls for maximum grip

-Allows Save-A-Load® bars to be set at an angle

Easy Push Button Release

-Simply push a button and Save-A-Load® Bars are instantly released every time

Long Lasting

-Save-A-Load® Bars are quality devices designed to out-perform all other adjustable cargo bars

-Bio-safe FDA approved hydraulic fluid

-Designed to work in any environment from -35°F to 160°F


-All components are made of strong light weight materials

-Easy to install and remove

-Every pound counts